What do we understand by quality?


  • ...is the most important aspect for our customers
  • ...is friendliness and customer orientation
  • ...creates a good basis
  • ...is worthwhile
  • ...is punctuality
  • ...creates trust
  • ...is cleanliness
  • ...is reliability
  • ...feels good


Our services focus precisely on these aspects. We are constantly striving to offer our customers a service of the highest possible quality based on the above points. Our highly motivated team is committed to solving the problems of our customers. Be this our operations planners who are always flexible and conscientious in obtaining the best deal for our customers, or our drivers who are always friendly and reliable. Our over 100 years of success in the market as well as the loyalty of our customers is undoubtedly one of the clearest indications of our expertise and sound services as well as of our high quality.


Quality management as per ISO 9001:2008

A company can only offer its customers high quality if it works to clearly defined values and standards. Our values and standards as well as our quality aspirations are derived from our quality management, which, in turn, is derived not least from the wishes of our customers. Ensuring and complying with statutory regulations is also firmly anchored in our quality management system.



Grüters has been assessed under SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System). This system evaluates quality, safety and environmental friendliness. The results of the report are published on the homepage of CEFIC.


Driver training measures covering all areas under the “law regulating the qualifications of professional truck drivers”

True to the motto no qualifications no quality, our training measures under the law regulating the qualifications of professional truck drivers (in short “BKrFQG”) cover all areas. This enables our professional drivers to freshen up on their knowledge and to learn what they require in order to do their job well. For example in the modules “Regulations and Social Regulations in Freight Traffic” as well as “Load Securing”.