Jumbo transport

Jumbo logistics is our core business!

We plan and organise transport. We operate all kinds of jumbo transport for our customers. Our strengths lie in the transport of sensitive and delicate goods. We take on both partial and full loads. We use modern 120 m³ jumbo trucks for the transport. We service all relations in Germany, BENELUX, Switzerland and Northern France at short notice. All trucks are equipped with modern telematics. As a result, the customer always receives reliable information on the status of his deliveries - and above all immediately.




FTL (full loads) • LTL (partial loads) • Just-in-Time • Special transport




Germany • Switzerland • Belgium • Netherlands • Luxembourg  • Northern France



Fleet equipped with the latest telematics technology

When we began to equip our vehicles with telematics, we were acting in a forward-thinking manner.

Today, we are glad that we have taken this route.

All our vehicles are equipped with modern telematics and position-finding systems. As a result, we are always in a position to determine the precise whereabouts of our customers’ consignments at short notice.

This enables us to agree precise delivery deadlines with our customers and to adhere to these. The telematics enable us to monitor our vehicles precisely and completely.

It is not least as a result of this that we can react very quickly in an emergency and are very flexible as regards the provision of the vehicles. We can by all means claim that we can always offer our customers a very high level of planning security.